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Foundation and Concrete Repair: A Home's Lifeline in Eden, NC

Oct 23

Foundation repair is one of the most important aspects of any home's construction. It can also be the most expensive, but it is worth every penny for homeowners in Eden, NC. Foundation and concrete repairs are often overlooked until things get terrible, but this should not be your game plan if you want to maintain a healthy foundation that will last for years. If you need foundation or concrete repairs in Eden, call our team for Home Repair Services!

What is the foundation, and what does it do for your home?

The foundation of your home is its support system. It keeps the house upright, provides structural integrity, and prevents shifting or moving over time. The various parts that make up this structure are beams, columns, footings (foundations), piers and posts, walls, and floor slabs/beams. Anything above ground level would be considered part of the foundation network in Eden, NC. Foundation repair Eden can prevent many problems with your home's infrastructure. The most common problem encountered will be due to settling, which causes cracking on exterior surfaces like sidewalks & driveways and interior floors or ceilings.

Types of foundations:

There are many different types of foundations, and the one you have is going to determine if your foundation problems need a foundation repair Eden or a foundation replacement. The type of foundation that may be most familiar with would be slab-on-grade. This typically measures about 18 inches in height from its bottom surface to where it meets with grade level, otherwise known as the ground outside the area surrounding the home.

Foundation problems in Eden, NC

Foundation repairs Eden, are typically the result of foundation settlement. Settling or cracking in concrete can be both unsightly and detrimental to your home's structure, but fortunately, it is also often fixable by Foundation Pros. If you are experiencing cracks in your foundation Eden, NC area homeowners should contact Foundation Pros today for a free quote on repairing problems that may be causing them damage. A home's foundation can be one of the most critical parts of a house. It supports everything else built on top, so it needs support from both sides so it does not crack or crumble under stress. Foundation Repair in Eden, NC, ensures that your home will continue being sturdy and stable even if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions like heavy rainfall, snowfall or drought periods.

Why you should get your foundation inspected by an expert before buying or selling your home:

The foundation is the home's most vital structure, so if it needs foundation repair Eden or replacement, your whole house will suffer. Foundation damage can lead to extensive and expensive repairs that could have been prevented with essential maintenance or a simple inspection from an experienced professional. Unfortunately, in many cases, foundation problems are easily overlooked by real estate agents and inspectors because they cannot see all of the hidden ways in which a foundation may be damaged underneath what you see on the surface.

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