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Where to Find The Latest Custom Home Inspiration

Mar 9

What are some of the most sought-after sources of inspiration in custom house design? As it turns out, ideas for your ideal home can be found in a variety of areas.


Many homes and architectural magazines and websites can assist you to determine the ideal architectural style, style, or layout, floor plans interior decor, and much more. Home builders Connecticut put together a list of some of our favorite websites and additional places where you can start building the custom home of your dreams.


What are you looking for?


There are numerous factors to take into account when planning your new home.


  • How do you get the most out of the natural landscape of your property while creating your dream home? Are you looking out your windows to see the outside? Can you use a hill or some other natural aspect to your advantage when making a design decision?

  • Are you in the middle of your journey through life? Are you growing your family? Are you planning to become empty-nesters or do you desire to retire in your home?

  • Are you ready to make the move? Do you think it's possible to be able to live in a smaller house?

  • What are your options for eco-friendly and energy-efficient construction?


Each element sets a limit on the design that you are creating. The way we think about the future is one of the most crucial decisions we'll ever make. Design strategies that are universal will allow you to stay in your current home for longer periods of time, especially those who are old or have different physical capabilities.


Sketchpad, an online tool for drawing House Plans can help with many of these concerns and also provides an excellent checklist to guide you through the home design process. A wealth of information and links are available for each stage of the process of designing in particular parts of the house.


Sketchpad House Plans to ease the process by breaking it into smaller steps. The guide also offers tips regarding designing and building to assist you in choosing a design and build team.


The art of designing a modern Living Space


  • Here are some thoughts that can be inspiring.


Ideas that may not be immediately apparent, but seem fascinating once you learn about them, should be taken into consideration when creating a home to match your lifestyle and needs in the future.


The empty space in the frame designs has unique features like seating or storage. The space below the stairway could be used for storage purposes, such as a closet or reading nook.

Your mudroom can be used for much more than boots or coats. You could consider installing a shower for your pet's dirty shoes or galoshes. A linen closet can store towels as well as other items.

Accessible electrical outlets are essential for all electronic devices. If you have multiple smartphones, tablets, and e-readers, think about setting up a charging station. You should also ensure you have sufficient surge protection.


What kind of protection are you looking for? Do you wish to install locks on your doors or windows? Or would you prefer to get a smart home system to manage and monitor everything using your phone?

Did you know that there are hidden rooms throughout the world? Imagine the possibilities of having a secret room or hidden location which no one else was aware about.

This is just a tiny fraction of the vast array of information available.


  • There are a variety of architectural styles available.


The exterior is the main thing to consider when building a home. Here's a list of several of the most sought-after architectural styles. There's no need to adhere to a particular style. You are able to mix and match a variety of designs or even create your personal.


  • A geometric, boxy design with flat roofs is considered modern.

Floor-to-ceiling windows and white walls are common. The design of these homes is open and airy.

They are usually two-story structures with elaborate trimming, eyebrow windows, and decorative railings named after the reign of Queen Victoria. Elegant floor plans have bay windows and relaxing areas.

Cape Cod is usually one and a half stories tall. It is an incline or gabled roof and a massive chimney. It is possible to add rooms or even a garage.


  • Cape Cod.

The Chateau of France is one of the most stunning and elaborate homes in France. It's famous for its exquisite sculptures and its high-pitched roof.

These houses have red-tiled roofs with stucco walls as well as shallow red-tiled roofing that shows Spanish, Moorish, and Italian influences.


  • Mediterranean-style dwellings.

Bungalow style with overhanging eaves and low-pitched gabled roofs, known as Craftsman. The style also includes carved stone and timber which acts as a backdrop for many hues.

This kind of home has an asymmetrical design, with steeply pitched, cross-gabled roofs and either one or two floors. The rural feeling is further enhanced by rooms that have unique windows and arched doorways.


  • American Southwest Pueblo Revival


This is a favored architectural style that conjures images of indigenous structures that have been adapted to the desert. The facade of the building is geometric and smooth, giving it an adobe-like appearance. From the roof's flat surface (vigas) wood beams extend out from it.


  • Spanish architecture is more Spanish-inspired: Stucco, Adobe, and stone facades are more prevalent.


Flat or slightly sloped red tiles of clay or stone are common. The common view is a central courtyard that has water features.


  • Roofs that have multiple gables as well as elaborate half-timber frames are typical of Tudor architectural styles.


The exterior is comprised of stone and brick in addition to stucco and wood; the doors have arched. They are also ideal for living indoors These homes can be made in any dimension.


These are the primary types to consider while you look for inspiration for your home online and in print.


Sites that Inspire


The internet is an incredible resource for information searching and analysis. Here are our top choices from the many websites we have been to.


  • Houzz offers a variety of designs to inspire you. It is organized by category and room. The site provides a glimpse into many visual design trends through moving and still images.

  • Websites that can easily be constructed from scratch. To start your search for a home builder that you can build custom be sure to check that they have a site with a portfolio of their work and other helpful resources. Here's ours, then.

  • Design websites dedicated to interiors showcase the work of business owners. While quality designers can create the look you desire Some designers may have a style that you like.

  • Zillow together with other websites for buying homes permits you to search for properties in the United States. You can view what other homeowners have done with the space that you're given.

  • Both Sketchpad House Plans and OldBrandNew provide inspiration for interior as well as exterior design.

  • Dreamhome Source is your one-stop shop when it comes to all things home design and construction.


If you are able to find the correct group that you can join on Facebook and Instagram there's an abundance of information. You can find inspiration by searching and following hashtags. For images of furniture and architectural designs, use the hashtag #englishtudor.

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