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Hardwood Floor Scratch Repair

Aug 30

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How to repair scratched hardwood flooring?

When owning new things, we always make sure to keep them in good condition to last for long years so that we can enjoy every investment that we put into it. Just like owning a first car, we always clean it to make it shiny, we use it with extra care and always check for any dents or scratches. The same as having hardwood flooring in your lovely abode, it might be difficult but we always try to prevent any scratches but fail that is why we are trying to seek help for floor repairs.

Just like our first car, we never want someone who got dirty shoes inside our house to prevent dirt or mud that can possibly scratch our perfect newly installed hardwood flooring. Sometimes we even ask our visitors to remove their shoes or check them first before entering. That is how much we try to take care of it. But we can not be like that forever, so here are some ways how to prevent scratches on your hardwood flooring:

  • Weekly basic care and cleaning. A weekly dusting and cleaning is a must to keep the hardwood floor in great condition. Clean the floor with a microfiber duster and clean pads with a pre-moist cleaner product that is intended for hardwood flooring.
  • Foot traffic consideration. There is a certain style of shoes that can damage your hardwood floor. Most of the time it’s the high heels shoes that should be off-limits.
  • Place pads on the bottom of any furniture that you will move. I guess that is understandable that chairs and tables that we constantly drag will cause some scratches to our hardwood flooring, so protect it by placing pads or towels on the legs of your sofa or any furniture before moving it.

How to repair scratched hardwood flooring?

For minor scratches: Prepare floor cleaner, soft cloths or microfiber, water, steel wool, wood wax repair sticks, and sandpaper.

  • Clean the area. Use the microfiber cloth with some floor cleaner to clean the scratch and immediate area to ensure that there is no dirt during the repair process.
  • Wipe it clean. Wipe off any excess floor cleaner until it is completely dry, and use another microfiber cloth for this.
  • Use steel wool. To completely scrub any dirt, rub steel wool gently into the scratch area, and rub it with the grain of the wood only.
  • Use sandpaper. To have the same floor texture, use sandpaper to buff the edges of the scratch and immediate area.
  • Apply wood wax repair stick. Cover the scratch area with a wax stick, gently apply it, and let it penetrate the floor for about 10 minutes.
  • Buff it! Buff the area using a clean soft microfiber cloth and add a layer of protective coating and buff it out.