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Lion Head Wood Carving

Aug 4

In this article, you'll discover the Iconography of Lions and the Art of deduction to create the head of a lion. Also, you will learn the various techniques for carving a lion's head. Additionally, you will be taught how to clean the head of a lion and also how to use a chisel in order to finish carving. This article was hopefully helpful. Share it with your friends and family!

Lion Head Wood Carving 

Iconography of Lions

You've probably seen lion head wood carving before. These are a common decorative element in England. But, what do they actually mean? The iconography of lion heads varies on what country they were created in. In England, for example there were lion heads that were commonly seen on ships. In addition, the lion was the most formidable predator however, it also served as the country's coat of arms. There are many styles of lion head sculptures and some are inspired by contemporary heads of lions.

The heads of lions are often associated with sculptures that are architectural. Keystones depicting Athena the lion with a warlike appearance features a lion's head, forepaws and crest. On the other side of the keystone, two atlantes represent the hero Hercules. Both codpieces depict the head of a lion with its Crest. The symbolism of the lion is employed in various ways.

Techniques for carving the head of a lion

There are many ways to create the head of the leopard. You should first sketch the head. Draw small circles on the vertical line which will serve as eyes. Then, draw triangles to represent the mouth and nose after which draw a line inside the eyes to show the bridge of the nose. Then, put the tail of the lion on its back. This could take a while.

After you've completed the sketch, it is time to add the details. You can use different pen nibs to make thick hair. Stippling is another alternative. This involves adding many dots to create an appearance. Before you erase the ink make sure that it is dried completely. Facebook also has a lion's head drawing.

Clean a Lion's head

Clean the head of a lion by carefully removing its hair. If your carving is done using a block sure you set the head of the lion two inches (5.08 cm) below the surface of the block. After you have removed the head from the block, ensure that you retain the mane. Then draw the lower part of the lion, which includes hind paws that extend across the sides.

Clean the carving using an incredibly soft cloth soaked in warm water. The wood shouldn't be dampened. Don't rub or blot wood too much, since this could ruin the painting or wood. Water can cause your carving's paint to break or fade. If you are planning to paint the head of the lion ensure that you employ a non-abrasive paint instead. You could also use an old toothbrush to clean the carving clean.

To carve the head of a lion by using a knife

Making use of a knife for carving the head of a lion can be a fun and challenging project. The head of the lion must be centered and two inches down from the edge of the block. You will begin carving the mane and neck as well as tiny cuts to the nose and eyes. After you've completed the head, you should continue carving the body, legs and hind legs. Cut a few small pieces to make a realistic-looking lion.

The head of the Lion should be round and begin from the point at which the eyelids meet the head. The head will have an owlish look. The head should be rounded from the points connecting the body and face. After you've cut the face, it should look similar to an lion's head. Once you've finished carving the head, you'll be left with the head of a Lion.

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