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What is dustless floor refinishing?

Aug 2

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The dustless floor refinishing process

Home renovation is an investment that will improve your property and your way of living by giving you a comfortable feeling. It can be messy and dusty during the process, but everything is worth it after seeing how beautiful and comfy the result will be. Just like floor refinishing, it is indeed dusty but will create a big difference when finished.

When your hardwood floor looks old and obviously needs some repair, then it is the right time to install a new wood floor or maybe consider refinishing it to revive its beauty. But it all involves dust and that is one of the major concerns why some homeowners are hesitant to renovate their homes. But we want to let you know that there are different refinishing techniques that you can choose depending on your preference.

What is dustless floor refinishing?

For those allergic to dust and do not want to clean up some mess after the process, there is a method that can be dust-free, and that is dustless floor refinishing. It is not the same as the other techniques or procedures nor has the same result, but it is safe for everyone in the house, especially if you have kids. Refinishing is also a great option when installing a new one isn’t your budget, but you still need to give it a fresh look.

Those scratches, small dents, scuffs, discoloration, and other wood floor minor defects can be removed without worrying about possibly inhaling the dust. Because the dustless floor refinishing technique uses the finest equipment to produce an efficient result and a dust containment system is attached to our sanding equipment to ensure that any debris won’t spread anywhere and gives a dust-free floor refinishing that isn’t harmful to all who is around.

What are the difference between dustless floor refinishing and sandless floor refinishing?

The sandless technique does not guarantee to be dust-free just like what was advertised, and it uses chemical liquid to remove those floor impurities. And that is the reason why some people aren’t satisfied with the result because it just simply cleans your floor. Sanding is important when refinishing a floor because it removes the old finish to apply a new one.

It is also important to find a reliable flooring contractor to help you decide which one is better for you and your family when renovating your floor so that you will have 100% satisfaction guaranteed.