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What's The Most Durable Tile Floor For Bathrooms?

May 18

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The type of tile that is durable for bathroom floor.

A property is an asset that will increase its value as time goes by. A house is part of that property, but its value will depend on how the owner takes care of it. And that simply means how they manage to maintain the physical condition of the house because we all know that everything needs some proper attention to retain its beauty and market value.

It is not easy to fight with four different changing seasons that is why every part of the house needs some yearly inspection to check if there are some minor damages that need to repair to avoid future problems. The bathroom is one of the most used rooms inside the house and the least maintained by some homeowners. For that, we need bathroom tile contractors to take care of it.



The bathroom is where we clean ourselves and go out fresh to face the new day. It is the area of the house that is often wet, and that means it needs a kind of materials that can endure that. Using bathroom tiles is a must, but did you know that there are different kinds of tiles on the market? So we need to choose the right one to enjoy what we invested.

Porcelain tile is the most durable for bathroom floor because it can withstand any moisture that the room always has. Just like what we wrote in our previous blog, “It is hard to eradicate since it was formed from thick natural fine clay pressed and cooked at a higher temperature for long hours. It is also considered less porous, which makes any moisture hard to pass, which can be a possible reason for a tile to break.”

But just like in every pro there is also cons, this type of tile is hard to cut or drill. It is not advisable for those who want to DIY do-it-yourself especially those who really haven’t tried it because you might just end up wasting the materials. It is better to let the tile installers do it and learn from them before trying it yourself.