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Why Is It Finally Time to Take Luxury Vinyl Flooring Seriously?

Mar 7

Why Is It Finally Time to Take Luxury Vinyl Flooring Seriously?

If you haven't lately had to undertake a remodeling or redesign job, you'll be startled by the surge of luxury vinyl flooring. The pairing of the phrases luxury and vinyl in the first place is very unexpected. Vinyl flooring has long been linked with low-cost renovations and tacky patterns and colors. Luxury vinyl flooring, on the other hand, is already appearing everywhere...even in multimillion-dollar condominiums. The truth is that the quality of luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile has dramatically increased in the previous decade, and the realism reflected in this vinyl flooring has made it valued by homeowners and designers alike.


Along with printing developments, the realism of mimicry in LVT/LVP flooring has drastically improved in recent years. It's gotten to the point where it's difficult to tell vinyl from genuine hardwood or tile flooring. Luxury vinyl flooring is available in designs that mimic wood, such as teak, maple, or walnut, as well as stone-like slate or marble.


The lack of durability with natural hardwood and tile floors is a key worry in today's busy homes. This does not have to be an issue with LVT/LVP flooring. Vinyl is water-resistant, stain-resistant, and long-lasting, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.

Compositional Quality

To further dispel the myth that vinyl flooring is cheap and low-quality, many vinyl flooring designs that seem like stone actually incorporate genuine minerals. Some vinyl is even made out of 75 percent natural limestone and 25 percent vinyl. Some LVT floorings require grout to keep the tiles together — it's that realistic!

Pieces with Natural Shapes

Not only are natural components utilized in the vinyl flooring's composition and printing, but the actual form of the LVT pieces is more realistic. In contrast to typical vinyl flooring, which is supplied in room-sized sheets and trimmed down to size, the bulk of LVT/LVP flooring comes in individual plank or tile-shaped pieces.

Price Point Desirable

Most homeowners find the cost of luxury vinyl flooring in San Diego to be enticing, with prices ranging from approximately $2 per square foot to about $6 per square foot for high-end vinyl flooring. The thickness of vinyl flooring, among other factors, determines its quality. LVT/LVP flooring thickness ranges from around 10 millimeters to 12 millimeters, and the thicker the flooring, the more pleasant and durable it is, and the more expensive it is.

It's clear that luxury vinyl flooring isn't the same as the vinyl you remember as a youngster. LVP/LVT flooring should be seriously considered for your flooring remodeling project for a multitude of reasons, ranging from the quality of vinyl flooring to the diversity of design options available. If you're unsure if luxury vinyl flooring is ideal for your house, the staff at San Diego Flooring can assist! Make an appointment with our office now to see some flooring samples at one of our locations.



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