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Lentor Modern units has a number of selection of high-end bedroom models include an adjustable pull-out counter

Feb 20

Lentor Modern is a mixed-use integrated development that is located in the newly built Lentor Hill Estate, developed by Guocoland Limited ("Guocoland"). Guocoland is known for its experience in mixed-use developments which are transit-oriented from the city's center to the Thomson Lentor. Guocoland's Lentor Modern will bring a an exciting new style in Lentor. Lentor area.

Together with the brand new Lentor MRT Station Lentor Modern will be an integrated development consisting of three 25-storey towers with approximately 600 dwellings. Lentor Modern will feature a huge sky terrace that will be double-volume inside the towers. On the surface it will have over 96,000 square feet of office space as well as F&B and retail and commercial space.

Residents from Lentor Modern as well as the area around have the easy the many F&B and retail options at the door, including an easy access supermarket shop and children's play area.

Lentor Modern is expected to launch within the first quarter of 2022. It is possible to sign up right now to be notified of the latest updates and to be one of the first to be notified of look at the preview for the new showflat.

With its impressive accomplishment in the development of a transport-oriented in Singapore's city centre, GuocoLand brings its customers Lentor Modern which is an ingenuous "Live, Work, Play' intelligent lifestyle concept. The concept is designed to redefine Lentor Hill zone as bustling place for leisure and living. Residents will be able take advantage of buzzing bars, stylish eateries and cafes, as well as different lifestyle choices. With lush vegetation, parks, nature reserves and the peace and tranquility of Pierce Reservoir, Lentor Modern is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of living. This luxurious new property will soon be an iconic landmark that is reborn, and an iconic landmark to be created.

The building is atop Lentor MRT at Lentor Central, Lentor Modern bears the distinct design of the highly acclaimed GuocoLand Midtown Modern located in Bugis Junction. It is expected to become a major hit thanks to its impressive new living space located in the brand-new Lentor Hills Estate.

As a landmark undergoing a change, Lentor Modern will soon become a recognizable home in the cityscape that defines what living can be. It comprises three towers with 25 stories and more than 600 luxury homes. The property also features modern lifestyle that includes retail stores F&B as well as retail grocery stores and childcare.

Lentor Modern by Guocoland unique location affords residents spectacular perspectives over Hillock Park and Lentor Landed Estate. Access to city services is simple due to the centrally situated Thomson East Coast MRT Linee (TEL) that has directly connected stops in Orchard and Marina South in the City Centre, Woodlands in the North and Changi Airport in the east in the near future. Additionally, residents will have the ability to connect to the major lines including the Circle Line, Downtown Line, North East Line and the north-south Line as well as in the East West Line - through the TEL. The residential and retail components which make up Lentor Contemporary will be connected to the huge and wealthy populace.

Lentor Latest technologies aim to increase the enjoyment of a vibrant community . you connect with the others in a group of people who are playing and learning together or working. The residents of the house can anticipate positive relationships and a most enjoyable living in a spacious area where flexible spaces with plenty of light and high-end materials can fulfill every requirement. The company is well-known for its expertise of bringing biophillic harmony into concrete structures. You will be able to return to your private garden with your family and friends amid the hustle and bustle of Singapore's city. Singapore.

A spectacular double vlolume Sky Terrance inside each tower offers stunning views that cover all of the Lentor Hills estate which is an absolute delight for the residents who have privilege. The view is enhanced by the beautiful amenities available to residents, who can enjoy the view while with family and acquaintances.

Due to Lentor Modern strategic position in Lentor Central as an integrated development and numerous distinctive features, Lentor Modern will be the most sought-after residence to reside in, and close to City Centre. Lentor Modern is anticipated to be the most sought-after home for everyone, residents of Singapore, both local Singaporeans and international visitors. It is possible to sign up your interest in the initial location to receive the latest information , and become the very first person to sign-up to receive the preview of the showflat.

Lentor Modern is Surrounded by the most beautiful nature

The 1.7-hectare Lentor Modern plot is close to vast areas of nature reserves and parks like the fifty-hectare Thomson Nature Park, Bishan Park, Upper Seletar Reservoir Park, Lower Seletar Reservoir Park and Lower Peirce Reservoir Park. Future residents will have the opportunity to take advantage of Hillock Park and Linear Park that are just two steps away from the development's new location. With the increasing demand to live close to nature for health benefits and wellness This closeness to nature will be a major part of the reasons who buy Lentor Modern.

With an active number of athletics, Pierce Reservoir and Seletar Reservoir is definitely among Singapore most loved places in the world of nature. It's a perfect getaway to nature within a busy metropolis similar to Singapore. Photographers and bird watchers, anglers, exercising or just taking an outing and taking in the tranquility are among the best options for people who want to escape. Picuresque sunsets are nature's greatest gifts and are sure to get praise from those in the area. Lentor Modern proximity to the natural world is an advantage for those who live there.

Get the house that has your requirements in your head . Lentor Modern. You can pick from one-bedroom units to four-bedroom luxury homes and an enormous Penthouse sky-suite that's the most exclusive of all. Alongside well-thought-out layouts which make you feel more spacious innovative design elements and smart features give you the space you need to enjoy.

A selection of high-end bedroom models include an adjustable pull-out counter which could serve for an added kitchen space and also an eating table or work at home station. In the wardrobe of the master bedroom the separate compartment can be designed to store and organize your clothes to make your outfit in the style you want. If you love cooking, you'll be amazed with the Italian-designed and built Italian kitchen appliances. Designer brand fittings that are custom-made to your requirements include the hob, hood and oven equipped with a fridge as well as a dryer wash. The bathroom is where premium fixtures and accessories made by The European Designber brand provide an amazing space of tranquility. Be amazed by the intricate particulars, like the stylish wall-mounted taps and striking quartz-tiled vanity units with integrated sinks, as well as ample storage space that could hold the most exquisite bathroom accessories and other items.

Houses are able to anticipate modern home in the 21st century and enjoy your life to the fullest in a space with lush greenery living spaces, abundant light , and premium materials can help you to reenergize your daily activities.

Lentor Modern located at Lentor Central is being planned as an entry point for Lentor Hills Estate and Hillock Park. Lentor Hills Estate and the to be built Hillock Park. Because of the close proximity to greenery and the nature preserves that surround it Lentor Modern's lush greenery increases the general feeling of greenery throughout the area and creates a comfortable living space that encourages an active lifestyle in the midst of the natural environment and greenery. Lentor Modern will site will also include an attractive public plaza that provides the feeling of a warm welcome to the estate and plans for Hillock Park and provide seamless access with public transport hubs, such as that at the Lentor Metrorail Station and Bus Stops.

With three residential towers of 25 stories that are facing the estate's land and modern Hillock Park, Lentor Modern is anticipated to become the largest and most recognizable residential development within the Lentor Hills Estate. It will comprise about 600 homes. Three of the residential towers will come with a double-volume terrace which will have numerous amenities like an Sky Gym and the infinity lap pool barbecue station , as well as an extravagant clubhouse with the most stylish area for a living area and a room with uninterrupted view. There is an array of apartments which range from one-bedroom to four-bedroom penthouses as well as premium apartment sizes vary. offered.

Lentor Modern It is located in the newly constructed Lentor Hills property that is a tranquil neighborhood made up of mostly landed homes and mid-rise condos with low to moderate rises. Any seasoned homeowner and investor knows that getting property worth is all about location and location. Lentor Modern provides a desirable position that is not located within the central area, being directly connected to the Lentor MRT Station.

If the Tel will be completed in 2025, residents will have the convenience of accessing a range of locations on the island beginning with Bukit Timah Botanic Gardens, Orchard Road to Marina Bay and the East Coast. Additionally residents will be able to connect to the main roads - Circle Line, Downtown Line, North East Line and the north-south Line and the east-west Line - via TEL.

The residential and retail components of Lentor Modern will be capable of tapping into a huge and rich marketplace. Lentor Modern will provide an abundance of convenience and comfort to the daily life of residents. The manager of the project the Ms Dora Chng, General Manager (Residential) at GuocoLand GuocoLand, stated: "With the upcoming mixed-use development we'll bring fresh concepts to the neighborhood as we pay tribute to the site and the lush greenery that surrounds the region. It will provide people living within Lentor Hills Lentor Hills residents modern amenities and an excellent convenience, while also pushing the limits in the realm of sustainability and livingability, and the principles that make Guocoland is a household brand. "

Lentor Modern is also situated near a number of nature reserves and parks. The residents of GuocoLand's Lentor Modern will enjoy uninterrupted views of greenery within the area surrounding and the enclave that houses landed homes. The area will also be home to new parks that provide the convenience of cycling in a seamless manner and walking connections.

There are facilities for recreation over Lentor Modern, there are facilities for recreation above Lentor Modern as well as F&B and retail at the top floor and a direct connection with the Lentor MRT residents can count on all sorts of amenities. You're hungry? Take the lift and select your food options. Are you looking to hold a gathering for your friends the gourmet market is located below and has everything you need to make some tasty canapes and serve the food with champagne or wine whatever you prefer. There's also a center for child development within the same area where parents are able to concentrate while near to the children they enjoy spending time with.