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Do you need a Metro East Handyman?

Feb 3

Are you overwhelmed by your projects and aren't sure how to complete your projects? Let our handyman at come and examine the situation. Edwardsville IL is a place I've spent a lot of time. Engineering school is where I graduated many years ago, so I'm quite familiar with the area. If you spend time near downtown Edwardsville you will observe beautiful old structures that is more than 100 years old. In addition, many old homes are in need of a facelift! Although there are a few older houses closer to downtown, you still have huge areas of new construction throughout the Edwardsville area.
Most likely, you will experience issues with your home through the years, no matter whether it is new or old. Perhaps the layout of your house has changed and is no longer suitable. Our handyman can come out and inspect the walls and determine the things that can be brought down, and which will require support. It's all fun and games until the roof becomes sagging and falls in. I understand how crucial it is for individuals to build a house that is their own, however often, knocking down walls could create more issues than you want to experience. Contact us to set up a crew member to come to your home and take measurements. To make sure you can get the best service possible, we have many contractors who are experts in different areas.

General Construction Services

General construction is a very full-time job. There is often more work than there are individuals to complete it. That is why our Edwardsville IL handyman is working hard to keep up with the workload. Maybe you have attempted to contact other contractors to work on remodeling your bathroom or kitchen however, they're over-booked. We'll confirm our availability by calling you or filling in our form.

A lot of handyman services don't have a single person who is driving around performing all the job. Our team is available to help you get the task done. No job is too big or too small for our contractors. Our contractors can handle both residential and commercial projects. If you're an owner of a business, we'll provide you with an estimate to help you compare yours with other bidders. Most commercial operations require several bids before making their decision, so we request that you allow us to be the first to make a bid for the job as well! Our Edwardsville IL handyman will come to your residence and take measurements of the job. If you've got a list of items that must be completed, we can help you by writing them down so we can reduce it for you.

Local Pricing Options

Many handyman services also offer hourly rates. We offer an hourly rate, but we generally estimate each job according to how much we are going be required to spend to get the job done. You may be wondering how that operates. Imagine that your garbage disposal has broken and has to be replaced. The handymen from the big companies are going to come in for an hour to complete the task. Let's say they charge $150 dollars for an hour to work on your home and they take 3 hours to change the garbage disposal. You end up paying $450 plus the materials and it's surprising to find that it cost so much. We don't give this information to our customers. If we were in a similar situation we'd inform the client upfront what the cost of the project will be to complete. So let's say that we offer the job at $300 total charge. The price of installation will be revealed at the beginning. No hidden fees and no cost estimates available!

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