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Heating And Cooling Review - Melbourne

Jan 7

Heating and Cooling - Use only the best brands and hire the best company with Beyond Heating And Cooling

Customer satisfaction never comes from taking short-cuts

Since commencing operations, Beyond Heating & Cooling has lived by one founding business principle ~ ‘Never be more interested in rushing to your next job than taking the time to complete and perfect the task at hand’.

Today, it has created a company culture of providing each and every customer with a climate control solution that, from beginning to end, is individually tailored, carefully planned and installed with real professional pride.

Rather than guess your needs (or quote blind] over the phone, our quality service starts with a free, on-site evaluation of which heating or air-conditioning system will work best ~ not only within your home or office space, but also the budget you have to spend.

Adam Lynikas
Adam Lynikas

Founder & MD,
Beyond Heating Cooling

We then thoroughly explain your various system options ~ and help you compare the features, performance and energy efficiency attributes of the many leading brand products we offer.

If there are any special siting challenges to overcome we don’t rest until we find the optimal (and most aesthetic) way to resolve them.

During installation, we continually check that every facet and function is operating perfectly ~ and before we call a job complete, we personally ensure you’re completely comfortable with how to adjust and control your indoor climate to your individual liking. Even on days when Melbourne’s weather delivers all four seasons.

At every level, our service is geared to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and promote lasting client relationships. Which is why we don’t cut corners anywhere.

To further protect your investment long-term, we offer a lifetime guarantee on workmanship; and to provide post-installation support, we’re available 24/7 to quickly address any future maintenance issue or answer any customer query.

Importantly, our willingness to go the extra mile is all part of the Beyond service. Not something that comes at a premium cost.





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